GPS Tracking Info Praises the Spark Nano 2.0

Searching the web for interesting safety and security news to share with our readers, from time to time we stumble across interesting reviews of our products. The latest is an incredibly positive review of the brand new Spark Nano 2.0 GPS Tracker from GPS Tracking Info.

Here are some of the things that the blog had to say:

“The Spark Nano 2.0 got a new design on, but don’t be fooled by its smooth finish. It is even more durable and accurate, but still as compact as ever. This three-inch tracker fits anywhere: in pockets, bags, under cars, etc. It is most ideal for child tracking, fleet tracking or employee tracking. The device sends information about speed and location and can even send out emergency notifications via text message or e-mail.


The improved Spark Nano 2.0 is more reliable in tracking position. You can now locate your target faster and to a greater degree of accuracy (within 10 feet). Battery life increased to 30 days as opposed to 5 days on the 1.0 model, and is even extendable to 6 months with an external battery.


The Spark Nano’s water resistant design makes the device ideal for rugged outdoor use. With the secure and easy to set-up web interface, you can access your location data from anywhere and even keep track of battery life on your device. You already know what you’re going to use this device for! Perhaps you’re thinking of your troublesome teen who is driving your car. You could be an employer suspicious of your employee’s whereabouts during deliveries. Whatever the issue is, the Spark Nano offers a solution.”

We’re glad to see that other tracking enthusiasts and security experts know about the value of the Spark Nano GPS Tracker, and have taken notice of the device’s latest upgrades. To find out more about this GPS tracker, click here.

(Via GPS Tracking Info) / (Image via BrickHouse Security)

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  • This is a really innovative device! A GPRS tracking that is compact and works extremely well. You can just leave it in your car and you’ll have no problem locating it if it’s not where you left it this morning.

  • jackie

    this sounds perfect for keeping track of my dog.