Special Needs Student Films Teacher Bullying Him in Class

This is one of those posts that makes us really glad that video cameras are so widespread and available whenever they’re needed. After repeatedly being told that he’s lying about his teacher bullying him, Julio Artuz, a 15-year-old special needs student from New Jersey finally got the proof he needed. After having his teacher constantly belittle, pharmacy technician online classes embarrass, and outright bully him everyday at the Bankbridge Regional School, Julio Artuz decided to take matters into his own hands and secretly record his teacher in the act. And what was recorded not only proved that Artuz was, in fact, being bullied by his teacher, but was outright being abused and threatened with physical violence. From watching the video from the 15-year-old’s point of view, it seems like the teacher was about to hit him at any moment. We can only imagine how bad it must have been on the other days that Artuz didn’t record his teacher. Thankfully for Artuz, the video footage was brought to trecator sc the media, the pharmacy-online-canada24d.com authorities, and the school staff. The “teacher,” if he can even be called that, won’t be bullying any more helpless students, since he is now on administrative leave. Watch the appalling footage that Artuz recorded and let us know what you think. Once again, we’re sure glad that Artuz was able to record this and finally put an end to this abuse.   (Via Gawker)

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  • Jose

    This student set up this teacher. The teacher should be disciplined for his actions but the student should not be rewarded for his behavior. This student should be expelled from the school for threatening this teacher. With this teacher and student out of this school, the school can continue to move forward with educating their students.