The Post Takes Heat for Explaining How to Hack into Voicemail Using Spoofcard

spoofcard-logoThis morning the New York Post published a quick run through on how to use a Spoofcard. A Spoofcard is an inexpensive way to call someone else while having your caller ID number disguised as any number you want. It even lets you disguise your voice. But the most dubious way the service can be used is to hack in to people’s voicemail by dialing in to a number’s voicemail system with the caller ID set as the same number, effectively bypassing the need to put in a security pin first. Despite the fact that this story has been live for a mere couple of hours, the Post is already getting lots of flack for advising people how to use what some consider to be a questionably legal service.

spoofcardBut the reality is that Spoofcard is not a new service, it has been around for years. Spoofcard already has dedicated mobile apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones that let you use the service directly from your handset without even having to dial in first. Spoofcard will even work with international phone numbers. The service costs as little as $4.95 for 25 credits which provides you with about 25 minutes of spoofing.

Has the Post exposed some readers to a dubious service that they might not known about otherwise? Probably. But lets just say that if Spoofcard was good enough to be approved by the App store, that means it was already easily accessible by millions of devices worldwide, and that this was hardly a shameful secret practice that the New York Post has shared with the world.

And speaking of sneaky calling services. Check out the free SlyDial, which also available as an iPhone App or a dial-in service, it will let you dial someone and go straight to their voicemail.

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