California Squad Cars Get Outfitted with High Tech Surveillance

coptopThe city of Desert Hot Springs, California just unveiled their newest city works project to help increase surveillance and make it easier for police to keep the city safe. The city hopes that by increasing the way people use surveillance, they will be able to help the police catch criminals.

What makes this system different than most surveillance systems: “This is the first truly mobile, high-speed data network anywhere, and it’s definitely the first one for police vehicles for public safety,” said Justin Benoit, chief technology officer with Lockheed Martin who said he consulted with other vendors.

This 1.2 million dollar system includes 30 cameras in public areas as well as in 16 squad cars. Accessible from both the police station and from wireless laptops that transmit data over a secure network, the system will give police a panoramic view of the surveillance sights with touch screen zoom capabilities. If they see something suspicious, they can simply touch the screen on their laptop and zoom in on any suspicious people or activities.

“It’s a huge leverage, a plus factor for us that we can remotely be able to provide the information and the data live time to our staff, and they can use it to be safer and to respond effectively,” police Chief Pat Williams said Tuesday.

One resident, Tom Wilhem, 49, stated that he thinks this type of surveillance is useful: “They can see what’s going on, which will help the officers. They’re out there kind of blind without it,” he said. “We have the technology. Why not use it?”

(Via My Desert)

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