Staggering Statistics Mean It’s Time to Rethink Information Security

A recent IT security survey shows that a shocking 90% of businesses have been hacked at least once in the last year. The study was carried out by Ponemon Research and polled 583 U.S. companies from a wide variety of businesses, both private and government, and ranging from small businesses with under 500 employees all the way to enterprises with more than 75,000 employees.

When you think about it, that means 9 out of 10 organizations that you do business with, and that most likely have your personal information on file, are not completely secure and can be hacked whenever a skilled hacker gets the motivation to do so. It’s a pretty scary thought, and one that should encourage the security industry to rethink the way information is safeguarded.

At the moment, the way most information and companies are secured is through user names and passwords. However, because most people always use the same password and user name on multiple websites, and usually those exact same passwords for work as well, a security breach of one website could mean chaos for all or most of those people’s online identities.

So what can be done to give users real security?

At the moment nobody is sure, but ideas like using biometrics to verify a person’s identity or a physical device that has an ever-changing code like RSA’s SecureID have been floating around. One thing is for sure, in today’s hacker-filled world, passwords are no longer enough and a second layer of security needs to be introduced.

(Via Network World & Gizmodo)  / (Image by Schill licensed under Creative Commons)

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