Stock iPhone Not As Secure As Apple Claims

spyphone-1After word of the virus that infected hundreds of jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches spread, Apple claimed that keeping your iPhone/iPod Touch in stock mode and not jailbroken, would keep it safe from viruses and other kinds of malware. However, a new app is proving that even a stock iPhone can be hacked. This app is called SpyPhone and is designed to show what kind of information a regular, non Jailbroken app can gather from users without them knowing about it.

SpyPhone proves that it can read and edit the user’s address book, see the web browsing history, recent GPS positions, and more. It can also potentially send this information out to the creator of a virus to be used maliciously.

With the stock version, the only way that a spy app like this can be installed on your device is by downloading it from the app store, meaning that the spy features have to be hidden extremely well, so much so that it managed to pass Apple’s thorough approval process. But this app proves that even a malicious app can potentially make it’s way into the appstore to affect non-jailbroken phones.

(Via iPhoneHelp)

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