Supermarket Surveillance Camera Reunites Dog with His Rightful Owner

dog-thiefDog-nappers, Bonnie Heyman and her grandson were charged with stealing a small chihuahua/dachshund canine that was tied to the ice machine in front of Gardner’s SuperValu grocery store while the owner was inside. Thankfully a high quality surveillance camera caught the March 20th’s criminal activities, making the alleged dog thieves identifiable, thus retrieving the dog back to his rightful owner within about 45 minutes.

“You could clearly see Bonnie Heyman and her grandson,” Chief Dave Light commented.

Heyman, who apparently had no motive, can be seen first talking to the dog. Then her grandson takes the dog, as his grandmother dictated, by untying the strings connecting him to the ice machine. The dog’s owner saw the grandson with something barking under his jacket and asked if it were her dog. Heyman’s grandson then ignored the demands of the owner to return the dog, and exited the scene by entering a white vehicle that was driven by a third person. The dog’s owner promptly went to the police who looked to the grocery’s surveillance footage for clues. After identifying Heyman, Chief Light went to Heyman’s home where he seized the dog.

Fortunately, there was a happy ending for this pet and his owner, thanks to high quality security cameras that allowed police to quickly identify and find the alleged criminals. It is hard to imagine the challenges of police investigation without the aid of surveillance footage.

(Via The Norwalk Reflector)

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