Stranger Danger! What Would Your Kids Do?

KKTV 11 News set hidden cameras to capture what kids do when confronted by a stranger home alone. With summer approaching quickly, and kids not under school supervision, do your kids know how to be safe? If a stranger was knocking on the door, would they run and hide or let the stranger in?

A Colorado Springs mother, who prided herself in teaching her kids well, agreed to participate while an employee agreed to play the stranger. In the videos, the mom leaves as the stranger knocks on the door saying he’s the home security man there to check the alarm systems.

In this situation the kids look out the window twice, but neither opens the door to the stranger. They have listened and averted danger.

One recommendation the police made was this: “If they have the ability to look outside without revealing themselves then that’s probably a good idea. Plus, after a few minutes if an adult doesn’t arrive to the front door then the stranger is probably going to figure out that the kids are home by themselves,” said Officer Wilson.

What about when your kids are approached by a stranger in the park? Do they know what to do?

The news channel has a stranger step in and ask three kids if they will go with him to find his dog. The kids pass the test by ignoring the stranger.

“If there’s other people in the general area then that’s probably not that bad a deal, but if you’re isolated and you’re away from people and it’s just you and the stranger, then you don’t really want to get that close,” said Officer Wilson.

These are lessons you should be imparting to your own children. Let them know that if they feel frightened they can run and yell for help or even call the police. Also, get a GPS child locator for the park. It may not be enough for your child to know that rules. It really doesn’t take much for a small child to be grabbed and taken away in an instant. GPS tracking lets you know that your child is safe.

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