Students Fail at Changing Grades

It is a common teen movie trope to have kids positively altering their grades with impunity. This constant plot device has to have some impact on impressionable youths. A group of students at a Kansas high school, in particular, managed to change their grades in the school’s network, but didn’t do so well on the whole impunity thing. The story starts off with at least five students finding a way to hack their way into the school’s database and change their poor grades to good ones. But it wasn’t long before one of the teachers noticed that a student that had been doing poorly the entire semester all of a sudden seemed to have much higher grades. The suspicious teacher compared the hacked grades to hard copies and saw what the student had done. After further investigation, it was found that there were other students that had also changed their grades. Identifying at least 5 already, the school is now looking for an appropriate punishment. The hacking crime was also turned

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over to the police to investigate and figure out if criminal charges should be filed against the students. One thing is for sure, this story shows that students should stick to learning school material on their own, and not resort to cheating, especially when it can be traced back to them with as much ease as it was here. (Via Kansas CW) / (Image by amboo who?, licensed under Creative Commons)

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