Axe-Wielding Thief Destroys Surveillance Camera, Gets Busted

axe1A vending machine thief toting a pickax sliced through surveillance cameras at a Georgia high school–but not before his face was captured on film. The thief, 57-year-old Robert Lee Banks, caused 6,000 dollars worth of damages to the high school’s vending machines by smashing them with his pickax to steal cash and coins.

Upon viewing the footage, Randy Shirely, the Stephen’s County sheriff, was not surprised. “He’s what I call a frequent flier to law enforcement,” said Shirley.

Banks was arrested in another loose change heist at a school in Oconee County, South Carolina and suspected of involvement in a similar crime in Habersham County, Georiga. Police were able to link him to the crime when they recovered his weapon of choice and some of the stolen money from his most recent theft.

For a man who had already been arrested for an identical crime, one would think he’d invest in some hosiery or a proper ski mask to disguise himself the second time around.

(Via WYFF)

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