Top 6 Tips for Travelling Safely This Summer

The warm weather is here, kids are getting out of school for a long break. The summer is coming. And with summer comes summer travel, the time when the family gets in the car, boat, or plane for some rest and relaxation. That is why you shouldn’t have to worry about your personal security and kids safety when out on the road or in another country. Here are some travel tips to help keep you and your family safe.

taxi-stand1) Look For A Taxi Stand
One personal safety item to be wary of, especially when traveling to unknown areas, are gypsy cabs which are unlicensed cabs that pick up passengers illegally. That is why it is always good to be aware of your surroundings. Cab drivers usually don’t enter the airport looking for fares. Be careful if the taxi is unmarked.

brickhousechildlocator12) Get A Child Locator
With the summer comes crowds and little children can get lost in the shuffle. A child locator and other child safety products will alert you when your child has wandered. A child locator device is also good for camping and hiking where a child is just as likely to disappear into the woods and vanish.

hotel3) Look For A Hotel In A Safe Area
This is especially important for families traveling with teens who want to go on their own at night. Without teen tracking, an unsuspecting foreigner can get jumped when they are not aware of the streets around them. Call your hotel ahead and ask about the neighborhood. Is it brightly lit? Are there bad sections? Knowing the area in advance will make you less of a target for those who may assume you are from out of town. If possible, select a hotel with electronic locks.

surveillance4) Install A Home Alarm
Burglars can stake a house and choose the apropos time to invade. When a thief observes that a family has been gone for an extended amount of time, he sees there is no danger of running into anyone and may take the opportunity to unload you of your valuables if you have no home security camera systems. Make sure your home is protected when you are away with a home security alarm and/or outdoor security camera to thwart unwanted guests.

42-172449945) Don’t Keep All of Your Money In The Same Spot If someone does take your wallet, make sure they don’t escape with everything. Keep most of your money, passport, and valuables in your shoe or a hidden bag so that you are not completely down and out if the worst should happen.
pre67906) Be Aware In Large Crowds Crooks love to use confusion for easy access. In a busy area it is easy to knock into someone or confuse someone that might otherwise be vigilant. Make sure that your belongings are close to you and be wary of strangers and situations that seem odd.

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  • adamdecker071

    A valuable collection of security tips indeed for travelers to avoid any misfortune. Travel security is a must especially while going with kids. One should take utmost care to ensure security while traveling.

  • Pablo

    If you travel abroad, you should also carry the address and phone number of your nearest consulate. Also, don’t carry all your documents and important papers in the same pocket or place.

  • Pablo

    If you travel abroad, you should also carry the address and phone number of your nearest consulate. Also, don't carry all your documents and important papers in the same pocket or place.