Supercookies: The Next Generation of Online Tracking

As if online advertisers weren’t tracking users’ activity enough, we now have another online tracking tool to worry about – the supercookie. Unlike a regular browser cookie, which collects a user’s browsing history, giving websites and advertisers a way to see what a web user has been doing online (but also gives you the benefit of not having to keep logging into the same site over and over again every time you navigate to a different website), this new form of cookie collects all the information secretly, and also unlike a regular cookie, is much harder to locate and delete.

What distinguishes supercookies from regular cookies is that once you delete regular cookies, they and their profiles of your browsing history are gone forever; and whenever the site that installed it on your system tries to give you another, you start anew. However, with supercookies, whenever you clear your regular cookies and history, supercookies go back and recreate a profile of all the websites you’ve visited and is able to target you with ads based on your previous browsing history.

In simpler terms, the supercookies steal other cookie’s history for itself to recreate a profile of your web surfing habits. So the next time you clear your history and cookies, and you still keep getting the same type of advertisements, you might just have one of these supercookies installed.

As this is something of a new phenomena, there’s not too much information that’s been released, but stay tuned! We might just give you a guide on how to really protect your digital privacy from all of these online tracking tools.

(Via Newser)  / (Image by Ansik licensed under Creative Commons)

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