Surveillance Cameras to Combat ‘Snitching’

Seattle’s Rainier Valley faces a lot of crime, especially from violent street gangs; but putting bad guys behind bars is much tougher when the witnesses kamagra brand reviews respect the code of the street more than they do the actual law. The witnesses of these vicious crimes choose not to cooperate with the authorities, not only out of fear that they will be the next victim, but also because of the long-established “no snitching” policy: a street code borne out of a mutual distrust and disrespect of police. James Kelly, the president of the Urban League, says surveillance cameras could be the solution for several crime-plagued corners in Rainier Valley. The cameras will stealthily record all the evidence that police need for solving crime without having to is pharmacy online legitimate put anyone in conflict of “snitching.” Carlos Garza, a youth outreach worker, says the reason that no one cooperates with the police goes back to the no-snitching mentality and the fear that people who talk get targeted. So if no one has to snitch, and the cameras record all the proof that police officers need to make an arrest, a lot of lives can

be spared.

“You’re going to get killed, you’re viagra not working going to get hurt, for telling,” Garza says. “So if it takes cameras to save lives, let’s do it.”

The Urban League is hoping to get the cameras installed soon, but is not yet sure where the money will come from. One thing that they are sure of is that the cameras will definitely do a lot of good in protecting people from brutal crimes and from being labeled a “snitch.” (Via Komo News)

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