Surveillance Cameras Help Avoid Malpractice Claims

37-starface1With five stars more than the flag, the true face of a teenage girl is finally revealed.

Claiming that she had mistakenly been tattooed with 56 stars on her face, 18 year old Kimberly Valminck recently admitted that she had lied about the whole ordeal. Valminck blamed tattoo artist, Toumaniantz, for ruining her face and turning her into a “freak” while she was asleep under his needle. Toumaniantz adamantly insisted that she had asked for the stars despite what Valminck was telling her parents and the press. Valminck promised to sue Toumaniantz for 9000 euros, the cost of the surgery needed to remove the stars. Even though Toumaniantz maintained that she had asked for the stars, he agreed to pay for half of the surgery because he felt bad that his client was so unsatisfied.

Recently, Valminck said that she had indeed asked him for the 56 various size and shaped stars to be tattooed on her face and that she was awake the whole time he tattooed them onto her face. She made the whole story up because when she showed her father he was “furious.”

Toumaniantz, happy about the whole experience because it gave him exposure, vowed to get consent of clients before performing any more significant tattoos.

It could be helpful to consider how this whole experience could have been avoided. Written consent is one way to have avoided this ordeal, but there are always loopholes in signatures and paper agreements. However, video recordings of what transpires in a place of business is an unfailing, iron clad way of ensuring the truth. If Toumaniantz had a surveillance camera in his store he could have avoided any false allegations.

How could a girl crying wolf get away and almost walk 4500 richer without any substantive evidence? With the help of surveillance cameras, she couldn’t.

(Via Mail Online UK)

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