Surveillance Devices Used to Catch Criminals, Vehicles and… Ghosts? – Security News Roundup

cereal box hidden cameraGPS trackers, hidden cameras, and surveillance systems are part of the day-to-day for us here at BrickHouse Security; but they never stop being a source of entertainment, mainly because of the coterie of criminals, animals and bizarre paranormal phenomena that are continually captured. Here’s a rundown of some of the latest and greatest cases.

Cereal Box Hidden Camera Leads to Thief’s Capture

A Va. homeowner hid a “game camera,” a specific type of surveillance camera used by hunters, in a box of Cheerios after he had been robbed several times over the past few months. The camera managed to snap photos of a man breaking into the home to pilfer several items; and then returned two days later to snatch a laptop and a few other things he missed the first time around. Police used the images to identify and arrest the thief, who now faces two counts of grand larceny.

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UK Carjackers Put GPS Trackers to Work

A ring of UK car thieves purportedly used GPS devices to track cars they had targeted for theft. They recruited employees at parking/auto repair garages and had them install GPS trackers on mid-range luxury cars. At the same time, they cloned the vehicles’ smart keys, again with insider help. Weeks or months later they would track down the car with the GPS and use the cloned key to steal the vehicle. Subjects have been arrested, but the trial of this ring of car thieves of ongoing.


Russian Nanny Caught Beating Two Year Old on Hidden Camera

A story like this surfaces about once every two months, and it’s always the same sad tale. Russian parents noticed that their two-year-old son was becoming shy and withdrawn, and became suspicious that their son’s nanny was mistreating him. They installed hidden cameras, which revealed the nanny beating the child, screaming at him when he cried, and locking him up for hours as punishment. The mother called the police, but it has not yet been determined what charges the nanny may face.


Ghost Captured on New Hampshire Bar Surveillance Camera?

Employees at an N.H. bar and grill rushed in to determine the source of a loud crash, when they saw a glass object broken on the floor behind the counter. When they viewed the security cam footage, they saw the object lift off the counter and fall to the floor as if pushed, despite there being nobody around. They now believe themselves to have experienced and captured on camera a paranormal phenomenon. Disbelievers, however, attribute the footage to a hoax or publicity stunt.


Arizona Car Dealerships Including GPS Trackers in Financed Vehicles They Sell

Used car dealerships in Ariz. have made it policy as of late to outfit vehicles being leased by customers with poor credit with GPS trackers. Car dealers call the policy a “win-win” for the “credit challenged” customer and lenders alike, because it allows banks to comfortably lend money to customers who would have previously been seen as too risky. Banks can find, and if necessary, disable vehicles – although never while moving – if delinquent payments or other problems arise. They get the extra security and buyers who would otherwise be unable to afford a car get financing.


California Police Curb Crime with Surveillance Cams and Motion Sensors

In the week since security cameras and motion sensors went online in the parks of Red Bluff, Calif., police officers have caught several criminals in the park committing a host of crimes from soliciting sex, to a hit-and-run, to a fight (which was broken up). Infrared and low-light cameras, motion sensors, and a public address system give them a live video stream, which is also recorded to monitor all activity day or night.


Thieves Arrested for Stealing Security Camera in Michigan

For how many criminals are caught on security cameras stealing other belongings, it’s only logical that occasionally the camera itself would be the target of burglars at some point. A pair of alleged thieves in Bay City, Mich. face felony charges for the theft of a surveillance camera from a victim’s garage. The victim, a 60-year-old man, installed motion sensitive surveillance cameras and a driveway sensor just weeks prior to being robbed. When his wife heard the alarm go off, she woke him and he called the police. Officers chased the two suspects into the woods, where they found them toting a duffle bag containing one of the cameras as well as bolt cutters and a pry bar. Valued at about $250, the camera was just one target, with the contents of the victim’s garage being the other. Both now face criminal charges and await trial.


Canadian Scientists to GPS Track Mallards as Part of Environmental Impact Study

Scientists investigating the impact of shrinking wetlands in Ontario plan to outfit mallards with GPS tracking devices so they can monitor the ducks’ movement patterns, migration, and “everything else.” The researchers especially want to look at connections between protected sections of wetland and duck movement patterns. Their concern stems from the agricultural value of the wetlands and the threat of draining them, which they expect to have a precipitous impact on waterfowl populations.


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