Smart Computer to Replace Security Guards

survey_x220A new technology that is still under development will allow your computer to actually “see” what is happening in a video feed, and describe it in text. The advantages to this are numerous as this can replace the need for having someone actually sit and monitor the video feeds. It can also help out or even replace the human aspect of searching through hours of video or analyzing it.

Imagine having a home security system that records 24/7/365 onto a built in hard drive. And you want to see the last footage you had of your friend “Bob” coming over to your house. Instead of sifting through days of footage, this technology would make your computer or DVR do the hard work. The computer would  search for the last time Bob was recorded, and within seconds the exact frame you requested would be up on your screen.

This type of technology would likely be implemented in the near future since it would clearly save money and man power compared to the typical security guard monitoring multiple screens. The technology could be used by the government as well, to monitor the live feeds from cameras installed on the streets, or in airports for extra security.


(Via TechnologyReview)

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