Surveillance Webs, Healthy GPS and More – Security News Roundup, Week of July 8

sec news 7-8In an eventful week for security news, we get an update to the Millburn, NJ home invasion caught on a nanny cam, some creative uses for surveillance networks, and much more.

NYPD Uses Anti-Terror Surveillance Network to Fight Crime

New York City has a huge web of security cameras, many of which were installed in the wake of terrorist attacks. This network revolves around security that tracks everything the NYPD’s network of cameras sees. License plate reading is one of the most important functions, as it helps the police harness this anti-terror network to catch more “common” criminals. It alerts police when it captures a plate of a car belonging to violent fugitives, homicide suspects, and other wanted individuals. This system has gained attention because of a number of recent situations in which police used it to find criminals and those associated with reports of attempted crimes, such as when the driver of an Escalade attempted to abduct two different young girls on their way to school, on the same day. He was quickly caught thanks to footage of his car.

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Indian City Uses GPS to Improve Hygiene Management

AMC, the municipal corporation that handles trash collection for Ahmedabad, India, is using GPS tracking to improve efficiency, make the city much more sanitary, and ensure that no home is missed on collection day. It’s part of the city’s effort to achieve zero-waste status by 2031. By providing information about pacing and routes, the GPS will also help the AMC devise more effective collection strategies. If data from the pilot project, which ended earlier this month, is promising, they will scale the project up for longer-term implementation.

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Man Caught Beating Mom on Nanny Cam Captured, Pleads “Not Guilty”

A New Jersey nanny cam video of a man brutally beating a mother in front of her daughter dominated headlines in recent weeks; footage that lead to his arrest and being charged within the week. Shawn Curtis, 42, has already plead not guilty in his arraignment. Sources suggest that the nanny cam footage, which provided police with ample identifying evidence to use in tracking the man down, played an important role in his capture. It will also prove essential evidence during his trial, as he faces multiple charges including burglary, robbery, child endangerment, and attempted murder. Though the mother in the video is in the hospital, she is in stable condition, and with the supposed suspect in custody, the family has begun to move on.

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SafeCam Program Turns Private Security Cameras Into Crime-Fighting Tools

The Philadelphia Police Department has turned average citizens and business owners into crime fighters by enlisting the help of their security cameras. The program, in which private camera owners simply register their cams with the police, granting law enforcement the right to access their feeds in the event of an emergency or crime, has led to the arrest of several criminals, including the accused in a recent gunfight that left three in the hospital. The wealth of data this provides helps police identify criminals more effectively, leading to more arrests.

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Studying Nightingale Migration Patterns with GPS

The nightingale, famous for its night-time singing, has begun to suffer in the UK, where populations have dropped precipitously over the past two decades. British scientists managed to outfit dozens of the elusive nighttime birds with GPS trackers in order to track them on their migration to Africa. Data about their habits and migratory patterns is revealing information about what habitats they prefer during their migration so that these may be targeted for preservation to help encourage the nightingale population.

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