Synagogue Websites Hacked And Defaced With Anti-Semitic Messages

sw-hackerThe websites of two Boulder, CO, synagogues were recently hacked into and defaced with anti-Semitic messages. The hacker responsible for this attack associated the Jewish community with a terrorist organization and claimed that his name was Waja (Adi Noor).

“This is not all that different from painting a swastika on the wall of a building” said Jeff Finkelstein, owner of the the Boulder-based company Customer Paradigm that designed and maintains the websites.

All together, it took about 5 hours to remove the anti-Semitic messages and restore the websites back to their original state. Security is being increased on the websites, while the hosting company sorts  through the server logs hoping to find some type of clue that may lead them to the hacker.

It appears that the hacker did a pretty good job covering his tracks, and even left a URL that was traced to Mexico, somewhere thatFinkelstein does not believe is the origin of the attack.

“Even bad hackers can do a good job of covering their tracks” Finkelstein said.

A complete report will be submitted to the Anti-Defamation League who plans to work with the FBI to investigate the attack, Finkelstein said.

(Via elpasotimes)

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