airport-security1After the recent terrorist attack attempt that happened this past Christmas, airports are stepping up their security measures once again. This time around there are going to be a lot more restrictions, and double the security checks. Some of the new restrictions include the uncomfortable rule that passengers have to stay seated during the last hour of the flight and are not allowed to go to the bathroom during that time. This rule applies to both domestic and international flights.

During that last hour of the flight, passengers will also be prohibited from having any items in their laps or seat area. What kind of items will this will apply to has not been defined yet (books, magazines, water bottles, hand-held electronic games, and babies?). Some airlines are also prohibiting pillows and blankets.

“The remaining in the seat during the last hour of the flight rule is being imposed by the Transportation Security Administration as a direct result of the fact that the recent failed terrorist attempt occurred during the last hour of a flight and the terrorist spent 20 minutes in the restroom preparing his bomb” –

Another new rule in effect is that each passenger is only allowed to carry one item (how that is defined may vary by airline). And there will also be two security checks. First one will be when entering the boarding area, and then another one right before you board the plane. To make sure you catch your flight on time, you should check the rules for your airport before leaving, and make sure to arrive extra early.

(Via the Examiner)

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