xray-scanner A Manchester Airport is testing a new X-Ray scanner that allows people to simply walk through a scanner for a few seconds without having to remove their clothes or get patted down. The way this scanner works is that it uses magnets to create a black and white 3D image of a person, allowing security personnel to see right through their clothes to reveal any hidden items. These scanners are also completely safe and “Passengers can go through this machine 5,000 times a year each without worrying. The amount of radiation transmitted is tiny.”

This will make finding weapons and explosives very easy since you can see any kind object the person is carrying. There are some objections to this device since it will show breast enlargements, body piercings, and a clear black-and-white outline of passengers’ genitals. The company claims that the pictures are immediately checked then deleted and will not be stored. For these people that do not want to go through it they can just ask to be patted down and checked the old fashioned way.

The scanners, manufactured by RapiScan Systems, have already been tested in Heathrow Airport from 2004 to 2008 and proven to be very effective. Airports are considering wider use of these scanners in the future and are also slowly being rolled out across major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

(Via BBC)

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