People with Alzheimer’s disease suffer from a condition that endangers their daily lives regardless of how secure their environment is perceived to be. With this disease, the afflicted have

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a tendency to wander away from their homes or families, become disoriented, and can’t find their way back. In some of the most heartbreaking cases, the victims are never found until it’s too late.

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170427_old_man_walkingIndianapolis state legislature has begun discussions as to whether or not they should use GPS tracking systems on adults with dementia and other mental diseases that cause them to wander. The topic was brought to question due to recently passed legislation that began the Silver Alert program which involves the public in finding missing endangered adults. If passed, the law would require for adults with diseases like dementia to wear the GPS devices to help ensure their safety.

According to Michael Sullivan, director of public policy and advocacy for the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Indiana chapter, “There was a lot of concern by state police and broadcasters about how often there would be a Silver Alert.” For this reason lawmakers are calling for a study to determine weather or not the GPS devices should be made mandatory. Stephen Smith, president of the Indiana Health Care Association, called the proposal “overkill.”

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