sgr1A new robot system being developed by Samsung Techwin is slated to be the new generation of defense technology. It’s called the SGR-1 Security Guard Robot. It uses state-of-the-art surveillance technology and an optional ‘lethal weapon,’ to make it as powerful as having a super soldier standing guard all the time, that never gets tired or needs a break.

The SGR-1 uses many different surveillance technologies together including low light, high resolution and thermal cameras, alongside a Laser Range Finder and ‘suppression’ systems – offering the use of an ‘acoustic device,’ which emits a tone powerful enough to make intruders nauseous and drop to the ground. This optionally comes with machine guns equipped with real or rubber bullets.

“Unexpected intrusions often call for immediate action… The remote controlled system is unparalleled for quick response and all systems are designed for superior protection solutions. The lethal or non-lethal weapon is installed for various missions”, the product’s sales literature says.

Samsung Techwin suggests that the system could be used for border security, transportation nodes such as airports and seaports, critical infrastructure, including power plants, pipelines, dams and historic sites, and military bases.

(Via Info4Security)

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