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Did you ever watch the Terminator movies and marvel at the prospect of having augmented reality vision?—the type that scans what you see in real-time and labels it with relevant data, locks on targets, and digitally zooms in to see far, far away? Well, so did the Pentagon; and this is exactly what it wants for its soldiers.

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blackwater Surprising to the general public, it has just been revealed that a private army contracted by a private American security firm formerly known as Blackwater (now known as XE) has been carrying out missions in Pakistan with the CIA. They have been carrying out raids, the executions of terrorist leaders, and many other types of spy missions. This comes as a major surprise to the general public who had no idea there was any kind of problem between the US and Pakistan, let alone a private army infiltrating their country. The private firm denied all of this and their involvement with the CIA in Pakistan.

Some sources say that it was set up under the Bush administration to keep law makers in the dark so that the war on terror can be won at almost any cost.

(Via: LA Times)

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indian-police-320The U.S. army has been using GPS technology for a while now to help track criminals, recover kidnapped soldiers and provide mapping, but according to Tripathy, an IT expert, the Indian state police department is way behind the times. Tripathy has developed  system to track rebel activities in remote areas using GPS. As a member of a team that provided GPS for the Mumbai Police, he can vouch for the effectiveness of GPS when used to combat terror. GPS is even being used by many Delhi and Mumbai cops, but the technology isn’t as common through out Indian police departments as it should be. Tripathy believes that GPS is especially needed now to help combat the recent insurgence of Maoist Terror.

“A small microchip can be attached to the bodies of police personnel, who are engaged in combing operations. When they get kidnapped by rebels or criminals, it becomes easy to find out where these cops are being taken. So even if they are taken deep into the forest or in some remote areas, they can still be traced with the help of the system,” he said. (Via the Times of India)

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