Hesitation, or better yet, indecision is one of the biggest causes of failure in life. For example, when you set your mind to doing something, you should go for it with everything you’ve got and not turn back or stop part-way through. Apparently the man you’re about to read about falls victim to this costly habit as well. Except his indecision wasn’t about going for a big goal or challenging task, but it was deciding to do a half-hearted job of a bank robbery or just being indecisive about whether he should commit the crime or not.

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Bank robberies can be violent and terrifying affairs. Usually, there are protocols that a robber will uphold; either arms will be brandished and tellers threatened (sometimes involving hostages being taken), or a simple note will be given to the teller: something along the lines of “Giving Me Money=Not Getting Shot.” Timing, however, is everything. In a recent Rhode Island robbery, a bank heist was stifled by an unlikely hero: the clock.

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money-gps1 A new trend in bank security is the use of a credit card sized GPS tracker that can be hidden in a stack of cash. When the bank robbers steal the money, they will most likely not notice the GPS tracker between the bills, and get away with the cash and the tracker, giving police the exact location of the thieves. This is exactly what happened to three armed robbers (Timothy Rucker, 33, Phillip Griffen, 31, and Brandon Barnes, 25) when they robbed a TCF Bank branch on Dec. 30th. After pointing a gun at the bank teller and demanding money, they got away with  about $9,000 and unknown to them, two tracking device which can broadcast GPS, cell-phone and RF signals that police can monitor using a Web browser.

About an hour after the robbery, the police tracked down the robbers to Rucker’s parent’s house, which was their meet up point. After entering the house, police found a small handgun in a clothing bin, and behind a freezer, a blue nylon bag with $8,789, and the two tracking devices. The last bit of missing cash, $250 was found in one of Barnes’ socks.

The use of GPS trackers in banks surfaced in Illinois banks about two years ago, said Illinois Bankers Association spokeswoman Debbie Jemison, and is so new that the association isn’t sure how widespread its use is. But Jemison said newer security measures such as these may be part of the reason bank robberies have decreased.

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Even with all the technology we have today, and online bank hacking scams, old fashioned bank robbers still manage to get away without getting caught on tape. A robbery at Chase bank in Houston was carried out by two suspects who entered the bank, used a handgun to order everyone on the floor, and grabbed everyone’s cellphones. Once they had taken over the bank, they ordered the bank teller to give them the money. No complicated scam, no dramatic exit, nothing. They then hopped into a black 1998 Ford F-150 pickup (that was reported stolen) and abandoned it later. The suspects are currently unidentified, at large, and wanted by the police.

One of the suspects is described as black, thin, and about 5-foot-10 with a light complexion. He wore a brown or tan jacket, cream-colored pants and brown shoes. The other man is described as black, thin and about 6-foot-2, with a light complexion. He wore a brown jacket, cream-colored pants and brown shoes. The driver of the pickup is unidentified and police have no description of him.

If anyone has any information about this case, police will pay up to $5,000 for information which leads to the suspects’ arrest.

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grandpa_tacklesIn Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a bank robber was put in his place after getting tackled by a 54-year-old man. The robber was pacing back and forth between to clerks and did not notice Matt Knetzger slowly coming up behind him before he pounced on the crook from behind.

The bank robber was revealed to be Senister Smith a frequent customer of the bank who reportedly robbed the bank because he had fallen on hard times. He walked into the bank covered in all black clothing and a ski mask. He then handed two notes to the tellers commanding them to put the money in the bag. Knetzger, a 54 year old grandfather, was in the back of the room eating a snack while the robbery was taking place. After finishing his snack Knetzger decided to do something about it and tackled the man.

When asked why he was so quick to make a move, Knetzger said he was simply worried for his wife’s safety. After tackling the young robber he also held him to the ground until police arrived. The best part is that it was all caught on the banks security cameras, effectively ensuring that they would always remember the hero of the day.

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3dde3303-180a-4663-a516-29a079b78b96hmedium1Lets be honest: It seems like the interesting robbers are all gone. The Ocean’s 11 style thieves are a relic of the past. You never hear about people putting effort into robberies or heists, no grand getaways, and it’s a shame. At least two men brought back that memorable past with a London jewelry heist worth $65 million last week, but in doing so they confronted a powerful modern foe: video surveillance.

This dangerous daytime heist netted the robbers $65 million worth of jewelry from the powerful London diamond merchant Graff Diamonds, but also led to a suspect being arrested in connection with the heist and the entire heist being captured on camera. The surveillance footage seemed to capture a scene similar to every heist movie in history, with the two dapper robbers producing guns in the store and taking a staff member hostage while making off with their haul, before escaping into a group of getaway cars across the city. It was a fascinating scene that was filmed that day. Too bad for them, our Dapper Dons weren’t starring in Hollywood movie, but stuck in real life.

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titlemaxAn Atlanta FBI task force has arrested a man suspected in at least three bank robberies in metro Atlanta. David Conn, 30, was arrested on July 14 in Decateur by the FBI-led Atlanta Metropolitan Major Offenders unit, based on investigations by Sandy Springs and Atlanta police. Conn was arrested for a July 1 robbery of a Wachovia bank in North Fulton, the June 25 attempted robbery of a Bank of America in Sandy Springs, and the June 10 robbery of a Wachovia in Atlanta, Sandy Springs spokesman Lt. Steve Rose said.

Sandy Springs and AMMO officers were able to track Conn by a note he used to rob one of the banks which he left at the scene. The note said he had placed a bomb in the building and was demanding money, and when Conn fled, he left the note behind. Because the note had been written on a loan-for-title document from Title Max, investigators were able to form a list of potential subjects through the company, and then were able to identify Conn himself by comparing bank surveillance photos with those of the potential subjects.

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