nokia-phone-mastercard-logoWith all the hackers and security threats out there, credit card companies are breaking their backs trying to make their cards as secure as possible. MasterCard’s new layer of security, to be released in the first half of next year, uses a cell phone to authenticate your online transactions by asking for a password that is sent via SMS or generated on the spot by JAVA application. The goal is to improve the user’s protection against phishing schemes and man in the middle attacks. It will also make managing your credit card, and sending and receiving payments from your cell phone possible.

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bank-robber1A serial bank robber has robbed banks in Georgia, along with Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. In each of these bank robberies he is captured on the surveillance cameras sometimes posing for the camera and making no attempt to hide his face. He often sneers at the camera and brandishes his gun in the faces of the FBI officials reviewing the tape.

The FBI has decided to use the bank robbers arrogance against him, by putting his face on electronic billboards all across the southern United States. The FBI stated that the bank robbers targets have spanned for at least 600 miles north, and about 500 miles east. The FBI believes that the billboards will help in bringing this modern day John Dillinger to justice.

(Via WSB Radio)

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