bigfoot1211Tim Kedrowski, a 55-year-old salesman from Rice, Minnesota is skeptic about what he managed to snap a photo of, but the picture doesn’t lie. There was a large, black creature, that is about 7 feet tall walking right by. This creature is notoriously known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, but the most surprising part is how far away this was from where most other Bigfoot sighting have been. In the past people have mostly reported seeing Bigfoot around the northwester part of the United States, not the east.

This does not look like a hoax set up by the man, since it was taken with a motion activated camera that was set up to see what animals will trigger it. The only people that knew where the camera was installed, were the man’s two adult sons, who were far away from there that night. Also, his sons are not nearly as big as the 7 foot creature that the camera recorded. The man also reported that the two elderly men who live closest to the site told him that late that night they had gone outside to use their outhouse and had heard strange squealing noises that came from the direction of where the camera was.

“I can’t sit here and tell you I’m a 100 percent believer, but I’m a little less skeptical than I was before… You don’t go deer hunting looking for this kind of thing” said Tim Kedrowski.

Scientists, no doubt, will scoff as they always do about the idea of Bigfoot existing, but Kedrowski’s photo of the big lug, more formally known as Sasquatch, has given believers renewed hope that the creature might really exist.

(Via StarTribune)

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