the-jointThis certainly isn’t the first time that Facebook has been used to catch a crook, and we’re pretty sure that it won’t be the last.

After two men broke into a head shop in Boston, the store owner posted a surveillance video of the break-in on the store’s Facebook page. One of the thieves can be seen in the video stealing a $4K glass tube.

Within a few days, the video had 6,000 views and the store’s online community managed to recognize one of the thieves. The police made an arrest soon after. Meanwhile, the police are still working on identifying the second suspect.

(Via Technorati Lifestyle)

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1c1b0a_030210crimenl03This week Boston police unveiled their new high tech real time surveillance center. This fusion center will provide officers with data from surveillance video footage, data from gunshot detection technology and resources in real time so that law enforcement can rush to the scene of a crime.

The Real Time Crime Center is being staffed by detectives and five civilian analysts whose jobs include monitoring video from city surveillance cameras, monitoring alerts from the gunshot detection system ShotSpotter, monitoring radio communications, and using mapping technology and other databases. The center monitors a total of 84 cameras that are located by city evacuation routes, and the center can also access surveillance images on Transportation Department cameras.

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