BrickHouse Security gear has helped investigators and private citizens bring a lot of bad guys to justice. Here’s a prime example:

When you sail off on a vacation cruise and leave your car behind at a paid parking lot, you expect your ride to be in the same condition when you get back. Just make sure you don’t hand over the keys to anyone at Premier Parking Spot in Cocoa, Florida — particularly Premier’s owner, Jay Nieves.

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  The world’s weirdest stick-up attempt has been captured on surveillance video and is now available for all to snicker at. The would-be heist takes place in a bar called t

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Halve Maatje (“The Half Size”) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our best advice: Don’t mess with the regulars in this bar.

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Larry Stone, an inmate at the Lake County Jail in Florida, has been sitting behind bars since April since he couldn’t post bail for his property crime charges. A few days ago he went to use the jail pay phone to make a call, he was given a shot at freedom. The get out of jail free card didn’t come from the person that Stone was trying to call, but rather from the fact that his intended contact didn’t pick up.
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With Facebook being such a simple website to create an online identity, it’s no wonder that people abuse the social networking platform by creating false online identities and pretending to be someone else. Sometimes the fake identities are created just for fun, to make a profit by promoting a product or service, or even for malicious purposes getting back at a person or bullying them online. In the case of Angela Voelkert, she created a fake Facebook profile for tricking her ex-husband, David Voelkert, into acting in a way that would make him look like a bad parent in the custody battle for their children.

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