Cameras are everywhere from stores and homes to war zones and unmanned drones. But for all the video footage that’s collected there aren’t enough people to actually sit there and watch it, which inevitably leads to important images being overlooked or missed completely. Well that is all about to change thanks to an Israeli firm that created a new way watch surveillance footage.

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Students joke about teachers having eyes in the back of their heads. For Wafaa Bilal, a New York University photography professor, this isn’t a viagra online simple jest. And while he doesn’t have a literal eye in the back of his skull, he instead buy clomid installed a functioning pharmacy in canada camera.

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atta-alomari-2009-12-2-13-42-32If the Department of Homeland Security has their way, airports will soon have cameras with 360-degree recording capabilities. A new surveillance  system developed by Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate is designed to heighten airport security with a real-time panoramic view of a particular area using multiple shots from high resolution cameras.

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tiburon-plate-readerA new anti-crime surveillance programs is to be launched in the town of Tiburon that will record the license plates of all the cars entering and leaving the town. This project is being tested on a small scale since there are only two roads that lead into and out of the town. If this project is successful, it could be used on a much larger scale. The information collected will then be matched with a police database to check for stolen or wanted cars.

Tiburon will be the first community in the Bay Area, and most likely the country to line its borders with cameras, which has brought up some privacy issues between some of the residents. The town already has a very low crime rate, so there are two views on this issue. One being that anything that lowers the crime rate is always good.

“If it lowers the crime rate even a little bit, then it’s a great idea,” said Yami Anolik, a 64-year-old real estate investor whose husband, Al Anolik, spoke in favor of the cameras at the meeting.

While some residents consider this to be an interference in their privacy, or just not worth it at all considering the crime rate is very low as is, and the project is expected to cost from $137,000 to $197,000.

William Rothman, a 72-year-old retired physician from Belvedere, spoke against the cameras, saying he had concerns that went beyond the “creeping invasion of our privacy rights… This is overkill. It’s like going after a flea with a cannon.”

(Via SFGate)

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rim-thiefA car dealership on Rt. 30 in Pittsburgh has been consistently robbed for a very long time now. Apparently people think that the dealership is a free junk yard where people can come and take things as they please.  After getting fed up with all the constant stealing, the owner of the lot installed a security system in an attempt to catch the thieves in the act. This time when some rims went missing, the owner knew about it. A 55-year-old male identified as Edward Miller was caught on camera stealing some scrap metal and an aluminum rim.

The owner of the car lot, Mike Bartow, turned his surveillance video over to the local police, and let them take over.

“In a case like this, without surveillance video, we wouldn’t be able to make an arrest,” Trooper Stephen Limani said. “Surveillance video is absolutely paramount when it comes to some crimes. It’s absolutely paramount to have.”

The police don’t think this man was responsible for all the other thefts from this car lot, but the incident will surely send out a message to all the other would be thieves in the area. Also 90 minutes after airing the video on TV, the missing rims were returned to the car lot, and the police believe the suspect rolled them down the hill behind the car lot to stay out of sight of the video cameras.

(Via ThePittsburghChannel)

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DEU BAHN SICHERHEIT After an incident where a perpetrator stabbed an 11-year-old boy and was never identified, the municipal transit system in San Francisco performed a thorough check on all of their surveillance cameras. The startling results showed that that out of the approximately 960 vehicles equipped with surveillance devices, 22 percent didn’t work at all, and 30 percent were only partially functional. This revealed that only 48 percent of all the cameras installed were actually working properly.

The check also discovered significant problems such as blurry images, vandalized cameras, poor sound, broken data packs, bad cables and inoperable recorders. There were also some cameras found that were still operating even though they are around 9 years old, which is practically ancient compared to the surveillance systems available today.

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praying-robberAn Indianapolis robbery went all wrong when a 23-year-old male, Gregory Smith, attempted to hold-up a check-cashing business and instead ended up praying and running out with $20 and the clerk’s cellphone. When Smith pulled out his gun to threaten clerk Angela Montez, her first reaction was to start praying. Smith felt so bad, he broke down into tears and tried to explain to her that he is  an ex-serviceman and had a young baby. He also said:

“But we’re going to be homeless. I haven’t had a job in months. I’ve tried everything.'”

At one point when Smith reached for the gun again, Montez got really scared and and started praying for forgiveness, which made Smith take out the only bullet in the gun and give it to her, saying:

“Just take it and talk to me… No one will talk to me. I have nobody.'”

After talking and praying together for about 40 minutes without any disturbances, Smith allegedly left after taking $20 and Montez’s cellphone. The next day Smith turned himself in after his mother had seen him on T.V. and urged him to do it.

(Via ABC News)

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