1201_riskiest-countries-internet_565Of all the websites in the world, it turns out that Cameroonian-based websites have the highest volume of malware infected sites.

In a recent study done by the McAfee cyber security firm, it was found that more than half of the sites tested in Cameroon’s domain space were found to be engaged in shady behavior, such as infecting visitors with password-stealing or spam-sending software.

According to the McAfee analysts, your computer may be exposed to malicious programs or hacks through the simple typo of writing .cm rather than .com. Thanks to these Cameroonian .cm scams, the country of Cameroon has recently taken the title of most dangerous web domains (susceptible to hacks), a title that previously belonged to Hong Kong.  Last year it was found that in Hong Kong one out of every five sites put your computer at risk. Nowadays, McAfee states that one in every three websites may contain malicious programs and downloads for your computer.

Cyber criminals are attracted to this method of hacking because of new technology that allows them to run multiple malicious programs at once across servers that have low traffic. The moral of the story is to be careful how you type the names of your websites or you could end up with a virus from another country.

(Via Forbes)

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