car-thief-crimeAfter a series of car break-ins in the Thomasville, GA area, Grant Carney and his wife finally decided to set up their trap to catch the thieves. Carney planted a phony purse in his truck that was stuffed full of paper, and an empty wallet with a single dollar sticking out as bait. There was also a sensor in the car, that when broken, would alert Grant of the break in and a motion detecting camera.

“So I’m looking out the window getting a description of him while my wife is on the phone with 911 and the whole time I see the flash going off in the truck,” laughed Carney.

Grant knew that once the thief got his picture taken, he would try to take the camera with him to avoid getting caught. This is why they chained the camera to the car, giving the police enough time to arrive there before he finally got it off.

“Right now we’re charging him with seven counts of entering autos. We have more we’ll probably tie him to soon,” said Carney.

All the vehicles investigators say Harper stole from were unlocked. A reminder to keep your car doors locked.

(Via WALB)

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10-the-cwThe CW’s AutoScoop examines the Car Camera Pro and it’s uses for insurance purposes such as automotive accidents or recording your teen driver to make sure they are driving safely.


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