radar-vs-gps While driving down the A4174 highway near Bristol, on November 28th 2008, Gareth Powell was clocked going 61 mph in a 50 mph zone by a police officer with a speed gun. The police officer wrote him out a ticket that Powell was positive he didn’t deserve.

He said: “I’m an extremely careful driver and I was certain I hadn’t broken the law.”

At the time, Gareth had a GPS navigation system in his car that was not only tracking him but could also tell how fast he was going. After contacting Navman Wireless (his GPS device’s manufacturer) and getting the records of how fast he was going at the time, he was able to provide proof that he really was within the speed limit. It turns out that Powell had been moving at 48 mph. In court he managed to have the director of Navman Wireless IT, Barry Neill, serve as an expert witness to back him up:
“The GPS fix on Gareth’s vehicle from the tracking system was excellent when he was clocked by the speed gun… The eight satellites locating his vehicle were advantageously positioned. Under good conditions, GPS tracking technology is accurate to within three meters.”
Thanks to the GPS navigation system in Powell’s car, he was not just able to beat a speeding ticket, but he also managed to prove that GPS devices can be more accurate then the speed guns used by the police officers.

(Via RoadTransport)

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57590766Football star, Michael Strahan and ex-wife of actor Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy are said to be engaged. The news of the two possibly tying the knot is shocking to some as they were both recently in the news when Strahan purchased and tracked Murphy with a covert GPS system under suspicions of infidelity.

The GPS system was installed after Strahan had heard that, his then girlfriend, Murphy was cheating on him with Universal Records exec Demetrius Spencer. The GPS system allowed Strahan to track Murphy’s whereabouts and let him have an inside look at her day to day life. Murphy, who grew suspicious when Strahan new her every move, got the car checked out and discovered the hidden GPS and had it removed.

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