As more adults become web-savvy and learn how to spot suspicious websites, hackers are turning their attention to children. Impulsive and prone to falling for the hackers’ traps, kids make perfect malware targets, providing an easy gateway to their parent’s computers, and potentially, access to their personal and financial information.

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noradNORAD’s Santa Tracker for 2009 is finally live. People around the world can now track Santa as he makes his way around the globe. The tracker uses Google Earth to allow users to see where Santa is at the moment and where he was previously. NORAD’s map even has some videos of Santa making his way through the sky on his sleigh.

Check out the official NORAD Santa Tracker site for the up-to-the-minute map. Alternatively, you can also use get updates on Santa’s whereabouts via Twitter and Facebook.

But Santa isn’t the only person that folks have been trying to track down lately. Recently, one of Santa’s elves went rogue, stole Santa’s sleigh with all of the children’s toys and ran away with them! BrickHouse Security promptly launched a contest asking people to help track down the Elf Gone Rogue by sending in photo clues, and fortunately the Elf Gone Rogue was caught just in the nick of time for Christmas. Check out the contest entries here with all of the neat photo clues that were sent in. If not for everyone’s help, NORAD might not have been able to track Santa’s sleigh at all this Christmas!

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_45999503_deb_royCatching criminals in action isn’t the only thing surveillance cameras can do– now they are starting to answer hundred year old questions.

Recently, surveillance cameras were used to conduct The Human Speechome Project, an experiment designed to map the way humans acquire speech.  The age old question of speech acquisition has been tackled by famous researchers including Noam Chomsky and Eric Lenneberg.  From devices in your brain to critical periods there only remains theories about how humans develop language skills.

With the help of surveillance cameras, professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hope to provide some of the first conclusive, data based answers to what seems to be the unsolvable question. Stunted by the limited availability to thoroughly track a child’s language acquisition process, previous studies were only given snapshots of a child’s development in weekly or monthly meetings.  Considering the fast paced nature of child development, missing a week, day, and even an hour can mean missing a crucial moment in the child’s development.

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