artplanetheftColton Harris-Moore, aka the “Barefoot Burglar,” is wanted for crimes in over five counties for stealing multiple luxury cars, boats, and other vehicles. Now he has added a new vehicle of choice to his record, private planes.

Police report that so far three small planes have gone missing with the most recent one being found crash-landed in Granite Falls, Washington. One of these plane alone, with technology and accessories included, costs about  $500,000. The most recent plane found contained no evidence that the pilot was injured in the crash. The police are  testing vomit found in the plane to determine weather or not the teen was in the cockpit of the plane. Harris-Moore’s mother said to police “Anytime anything is stolen, they blame it on Colt,” Pam Kohler told the Everett Herald newspaper. “Let’s say you’re the smartest person in the world. Wouldn’t you need a little bit of training in flying a plane? They’re not easy.”

Flight instructor Devin Tolentino said “It’s been heard of,  Let’s face it, the Wright brothers were able to teach themselves. Landing would be the hardest part, but if you weren’t too concerned about using the plane again, it could be done.” The last time police caught Harris-Moore they simply waited at his house for someone to order pizza then they got in the delivery truck and waited for the suspect to open the door. Now they are getting much more technical in their search, enlisting the help of black hawk helicopters and infrared technology.

Meanwhile the “Barefoot Burglar” is gaining popularity and even has his own fan page on Facebook. He left a gift for police in the form of a self portrait on a stolen digital camera left in a stolen Mercedes Benz. While Harris-Moore was arrested more than 9 times before the age of 15, but by the looks of his taunts, it doesn’t seem like he expects to be arrested for the tenth time anytime soon.

(Via CNN)

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