tiburon-plate-readerA new anti-crime surveillance programs is to be launched in the town of Tiburon that will record the license plates of all the cars entering and leaving the town. This project is being tested on a small scale since there are only two roads that lead into and out of the town. If this project is successful, it could be used on a much larger scale. The information collected will then be matched with a police database to check for stolen or wanted cars.

Tiburon will be the first community in the Bay Area, and most likely the country to line its borders with cameras, which has brought up some privacy issues between some of the residents. The town already has a very low crime rate, so there are two views on this issue. One being that anything that lowers the crime rate is always good.

“If it lowers the crime rate even a little bit, then it’s a great idea,” said Yami Anolik, a 64-year-old real estate investor whose husband, Al Anolik, spoke in favor of the cameras at the meeting.

While some residents consider this to be an interference in their privacy, or just not worth it at all considering the crime rate is very low as is, and the project is expected to cost from $137,000 to $197,000.

William Rothman, a 72-year-old retired physician from Belvedere, spoke against the cameras, saying he had concerns that went beyond the “creeping invasion of our privacy rights… This is overkill. It’s like going after a flea with a cannon.”

(Via SFGate)

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