When you hear about crime prediction software, you might picture something akin to Minority Report, where people are arrested before they even commit a crime. In reality, crime prediction software is a useful tool that calculates where a crime is most likely to occur and sends officers to patrol those areas more frequently.

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For the past ten years the city of Lynwood, Calif. has struggled to fight gang violence and prostitution. It wasn’t having much success, however, and started looking for a new way to clean up its streets. Then in 2008, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Century Station, decided to run a trial of street security cameras to find out if they would help deter or catch criminals. And it wasn’t too long before the cameras proved successful.

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facebook-big-brotherAt the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, a 19-year-old freshman named Adam Bauer made the simple mistake of adding someone he did not know as a friend on Facebook. The mistake ended up costing Bauer $227 in fines for underage drinking.

Bauer believes that by accepting this new friend on Facebook he made himself susceptible to police, who troll Facebook looking for incriminating photos.

Bauer states that he was invited down to the the La Crosse police station where he was shown pictures of himself drinking. The pictures came directly from his Facebook page.

He was among at least eight people from La Crosse who have been cited for underage drinking based on photos on social networking sites. “I just can’t believe it. I feel like I’m in a science fiction movie, like they are always watching. When does it end?” Bauer said after court Wednesday.

“Law enforcement has to evolve with technology,” said La Crosse police officer Al Iverson. “It has to happen. It is a necessity -not just for underage drinking.” He also added that social networking sites are being used to catch sexual predators as well.

Bauer’s friend, 20-year-old UW-L sophomore Tyrell Luebker, also was tagged for underage drinking based on Facebook photos said, “I feel like it is shady police work and a waste of taxpayer money to have him (an officer) sit on the computer on Facebook when he could actually be doing police work,” said Luebker.

Iverson simply pointed out that the teens were still guilty of an illegal act. By posting pictures of themselves drinking on Facebook they are promoting binge and underage drinking.

(Via The LaCrosse Tribune)

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