2051034On Wednesday, the NYPD announced the first citywide crackdown for 2010 on drivers using phones. The NYPD issued a statement saying “texting or talking on a cell phone is dangerous and endangers both drivers and pedestrians.”

For 24 hours, starting this past midnight, anyone caught using a handheld device while driving will be fined $130. Officers intend to be relentless during this period and they say that they will not be accepting any excuses.

We can’t help but wonder if they got inspired to do this from watching Oprah’s monday episode about distracted driving?

(Via NBC New York)

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texting-while-drivingAdvice given is much easier than advice taken – especially when it comes to texting and driving. In a new AAA survey, approximately 90% of people equate the dangers of drunk driving with the dangers of texting and driving. Unfortunately 21% of respondents admitted to having done what they had just declared as dangerous as drunk driving in the past month.

Another disturbing statistic was that 58% of respondents determined that talking on the phone while driving is a “very serious threat to their safety,” and yet 55% of respondents admitted to talking on the phone while driving in the past month. The discrepancies between the percent of people who think doing something that puts them in grave danger and the percent of people doing those things can be attributed to many things. For one, there is no national law against texting or e-mailing while driving. Second, there is a certain stigma surrounding drunk driving that isn’t present around texting/e-mailing and driving or talking on your cell phone and driving.

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274622_f520Domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and sexual assault- all of these are typical reasons for procuring a restraining order; but there is a new and very unusual type of restraining order that has been raising some eyebrows. Do not be fooled by the seemingly harmless nature of what these restraining orders aim to fight– turning a blind eye can lead to car accidents, burn victims, and even death. What exactly is the culprit behind these series of tragedies? The answer will surprise you: it’s food.

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