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scam_email_alertCar sale scams are pretty common when you buy from other people directly who are not professional dealers, but these scams are easy to catch when you are there in person, checking the car out. However, nowadays with online shopping, buying a car online from someone that lives far away can make it very easy to get ripped off.

This is exactly what happened to Chris from Iowa. He bought a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra through eBay Motors, got it delivered to him, and at first he believed that he had gotten the deal of a lifetime on his dream car.

“I mean it was a good price, but it was one of those ones where you go, is this too good to be true.  And you know I think back and yes it was it was too good to be true” said Chris.

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25_1544_20090804144839_credit-card-readerFor some, online shopping is the perfect way to indulge a passion without ever stepping foot into a store. Avoiding hawk-like sales clerks, being able to see all of your choices on a 20″ widescreen, no lines, and being able to take as much time as you want to obsess about what you may or may not need are all the benefits of shopping online. The other fringe benefits include stolen identities, credit card theft, and even worse- not getting that new pair of shoes. Fear not- with the SmartSwipe, you can shop away without wondering exactly where the numbers you type into your computer are ending up.

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