We’ve all heard about Facebook’s privacy issues and their attempts at fixing them.  These security breaches have been receiving a lot of attention recently, but one of the most surprising statistics to hit the web is just how much Facebook’s privacy issues are really affecting their user’s willingness to stick around.

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facebookgeoFacebook is releasing a new feature that allows users to post their GPS location within a status update on the social networking site. This might seem like a cool feature to share with your close real life friends, but it becomes a real security threat when you’re friends with more than just your closest acquaintances on Facebook.

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holygrail-privacy Facebook continues to be a popular way for getting people in trouble because of some comments or pictures they leave available for everyone to see. A perfect example of this would be putting up drunken pictures from a night out with friends, and then worrying that your boss will see them. Thanks to Facebook’s new privacy feature you can now choose who gets to see each comment or picture that you post up.

“Facebook is transforming the world’s ability to control its information online by empowering more than 350 million people to personalize the audience for each piece of content they share,” said Facebook communications VP Elliot Schrage.

From now on, with every piece of content that you put up on Facebook, there will be an option right next to it to allow you to choose for whom it will be viewable, such as just friends, networks, everybody, or specific people. So you will be able to post up your funny and embarrassing pictures and videos online for your friends to see and still be sure that no unwanted pairs of eyes get access to them.

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A new software for Facebook is being given out for free. This software allows you to see anyone’s profile, even if it is completely set up to be private. The first issue with this is how will it work with Facebook’s privacy rights, and also if it is legal to use.

Since this just came out, no one knows a lot about it yet, how long it will work, and if it might be dangerous and filled with viruses and spyware.

(Via: DailyWorldBuzz)

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Facebook allows users to define themselves through its smorgasbord of applications and features: personal photos, virtual gifts and status updates all lend a hand in users efforts to open up and share just about anything going on in their lives. Younger generations, of particularly my own, have come under the Facebook spell and have a tendency to share a huge amount of personal information on sites like Facebook in an effort to open up and connect to the outside world without taking the time to protect themselves. It doesn’t matter whether that info is as mundane and uninspired as what they are eating at the moment or as potentially devastating as an inappropriate picture. Drawing the line and protecting oneself is essential to enjoying Facebook, but how does one go about it?

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