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Halve Maatje (“The Half Size”) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our best advice: Don’t mess with the regulars in this bar.

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Emile Pratt Jr., a 28-year old Sharon, Pa. man had successfully robbed a jewelry store of about 100 pieces and sold them to various pawn shops across Pennsylvania. He was in the clear and could have most likely remained free, but the money from the heist wasn’t enough, and he decided he wanted to get more from the store.

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GPS ankle bracelets are a pretty ingenious idea; you strap a GPS tracker onto the leg of the person you want to track, and wherever they go, you stay informed in real-time. And to make sure that the bracelet remains on the leg, there are safety measures that alert the tracking party whenever the bracelet has been unlocked, broken, deactivated, or simply travels outside a designated area. However, as two employees of a British private security firm recently found out, there is a loophole that compromises the reliability of such a device: artificial limbs.

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We’re not sure how the following story could have seemed like a good idea to anyone, in any state of mind; but it sure does make for an interesting read. Two New Jersey men, 21 and 22 years old, left a party in suburban Philadelphia and came across an unmarked police van typically used for transporting offenders to and from prison.

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Out of all the ridiculous laws passed in the Internet age, this one might be the most absurd. The law, which only applies to Tennessee at the moment, may have originated with the good intentions of fighting cyber-bullying; but it not only

makes nearly every citizen a criminal, but would also send them to jail for almost a year and fine them up to $2,500 if convicted. So what is this dangerous action that the Tennessee government finds so threatening? Nothing other than sending an offensive picture online… to anyone.

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Hesitation, or better yet, indecision is one of the biggest causes of failure in life. For example, when you set your mind to doing something, you should go for it with everything you’ve got and not turn back or stop part-way through. Apparently the man you’re about to read about falls victim to this costly habit as well. Except his indecision wasn’t about going for a big goal or challenging task, but it was deciding to do a half-hearted job of a bank robbery or just being indecisive about whether he should commit the crime or not.

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Criminals seem to be getting sloppier and sloppier every day. In the past, police would have to conduct in-depth investigations after home break-ins, and usually still had trouble locating the right criminal to get items returned. But now, it seems that the criminals are not only getting sloppy, but are actively working against themselves in the hopes of getting arrested.

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