ctrus-football_02_s3fbo_22976_aovqv_54Agent has developed a concept football called CTRUS. This transparent football uses GPS tracking technology combined with an RFID chip to make it easier to identify close calls over the goal line or the side line. A high-tech football (or soccer ball for U.S. folks) like this one could have easily avoided the controversy surrounding Thierry Henry’s handball goal against Ireland.

The reality is that the technology for such a football is already available, so this isn’t that much of a futuristic concept at all. Not to mention, that this isn’t the first instance where we’ve seen GPS tracking being used to make a sport more efficient. Just last month gps trackers were used at Super Bowl 44. At this rate, we’re confident that within the next few years we’ll be seeing GPS tracking implemented in many creative and strategic ways for many different kinds of sports.

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football-gpaWith the Super Bowl coming up soon, GPS tracking is becoming extremely useful and in high demand in order to keep everything running smoothly. And it’s not only for the police and investigations now, GPS Trackers are being used for anything that is considered important – they are being  placed in equipment bags, team buses, limousines, as well as on elected officials and personnel.

“At the Super Bowl, you’ve got a couple million dollars worth of athletes on buses, you want to know where those buses are at all times… The safety and security of athletes and personnel are our highest priority” said Jerry Hunter, founder and CEO of Oklahoma-based U.S. Fleet Tracking.

The GPS tracking systems being used at the Super Bowl prove that the people running these sporting events are not leaving anything to chance, they want everything to run as smoothly as possible and are not afraid to invest some extra money to make sure that it does.

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Aside from notebooks, pencils, and pens, a 14-year-old girl was apparently packing a gun in her backpack on Monday afternoon. The girl, who had been bullied, pulled out the gun and began to load it, when 18 year-old Kaleb Eulls, a star athlete and now local hero, came to the rescue. He was able to tackle the girl and disarm the gun, ensuring the bus rider’s safety.

Eulls explains, “I just realized something had to be done, and it was just a lot of kids on the bus and [I] couldn’t let anything happen to them,” he said. “I tried to grab her attention, just keep her from pointing it at anyone else in the bus,” he said. In a matter of seconds, the girl was disarmed before any serious damage could be done.

Reports state that the 14 year-old girl (whose identity remains private) was bullied and is now being held in a county youth detention center. She has been charged with possession of a firearm on school property, 22 counts of attempted aggravated assault, and kidnapping.

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