pitsburgh-protestThe FBI has arrested Elliot Madison, a New York based anarchist, who was charged with hindering prosecution after using Twitter to help direct protesters at the G20 summit to avoid the police. The G20 summit brought world leaders together to weigh in on the poor global economic situation and other matters of common financial interest.

The home of Elliot Madison was raided and in Madison’s home they found 11 gas masks, five pairs of goggles and test tubes and beakers. Law enforcement also removed anarchist books and pictures of Marx and Lenin from Madison’s home. Afterwords, the police tracked down Elliot to an Inn where along with Michael Wallschlaeger, the two were found surrounded by a bank of computers, police radio frequency scanners, maps, microphones, and contact numbers.

There were a total of 5000 protesters at the G20 Summit, 200 of which were arrested. The police are becoming more aware of the importance of Twitter and as a result they monitored the social networking site during the Summit in order to keep track of protester remarks through out the summit. As for Twitter users, they should be more aware what information they release to the public since it can potentially lead to an arrest.

(Via The Guardian)

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