woods-house_1532906cEver since Tiger Woods’ car accident has made its way into the news, the media has been thrown into a frenzy speculating about what really happened that night. However, Tiger has yet to explain what really happened to him that night.

In a recent article, the Examiner brings up a good point; whether or not Tiger Woods ever reveals an explanation to the public, it’s very likely that additional surveillance videos or photos will come out that will offer the truth on its own. The chances are that other residents of the upscale Isleworth community¬† have surveillance cameras that could have recorded what happened. It would be very feasible for the Florida Highway Patrol to obtain warrants that would give them access to the footage on these surveillance cameras, an that would be all that is need to solve this mystery.

1259509304_woods-elin-accident_290Did Tiger’s wife attack him with a golf-club out of rage and jealousy? If that is the case and surveillance evidence does come forth, Mrs. Woods will have domestic violence charges against her made. So the question remains, when is the Florida Highway Patrol going to take the obvious step to collect surveillance camera footage in the area to use in the investigation?

(Via the Examiner)

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chickenA South African jewelry firm was surprised to find that one of their own staff had been stuffing a cooked chicken with gold and precious metal in an attempt to steal the goods. Carrying the cooked chicken out of the building on his way home, the man was stopped at the metal detector with chicken in hand. This is when security officials discovered that instead of being stuffed with sage and onion, the chicken had been stuffed with expensive jewelry.

The jewelry company had recently tightened security when a woman tried to smuggle gold out of the building in her under wire bra. Banning under wire bras, they didn’t think to ban rotisserie chickens. The man is due to appear in Johannesburg’s Hillbrow Magistrate court on Tuesday on charges of attempted theft and possession of suspected stolen goods. The firm’s boss Larry Brown says he has been doing his best to stop the thefts,

“The very nature of the jewelery industry makes it a target for criminals,” he said. “Part of our procedures are to routinely visit dubious dealers who trade in fine metals, diamonds and gold. These dealers are known to buy stolen jewelery, often at enormous cost to lives.”

(Via BBC)

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