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todd morris fox business nest googleIf you were already concerned about Google overstepping its bounds with regards to your privacy, then the tech giant’s recent $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, a home automation company, should have you shaking in your boots. BrickHouse CEO Todd Morris sat down with Fox Business’s Melissa Francis this week to explain why.

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Search engine/information megalith Google is no stranger to legal battles over privacy concerns.

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Monday, the site was fined by France’s privacy watchdog for illegal collection of personal data to the tune of euro100,000 ($141,300)—the largest fine ever handed down by the agency (and the only fine Google has ever received for such maleficence).

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A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan this morning, which is the one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded (and the strongest ever recorded in the county).  This earthquake caused a massive 23-foot tsunami to spread over Japan, causing thousands of casualties,  massive damage, and hundreds of people reported missing.

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We reported last week that about two dozen official Android market applications were infected with a particularly malicious identity-stealing virus. It turns out that about 58 apps in total had been downloaded, affecting approximately 260,000 phones. To combat the virus, Google has activated an Android kill switch which can remotely delete all malware.

Unlike previous applications of this kill switch, this time Google is going a step further and actually installing a new app (called the “Android Market Security Tool March 2011”) to the infected phones.

“That app, which will be installed automatically no later than Tuesday on all Android phones whose owners had downloaded one or more of the malicious apps, prevents attackers from accessing any additional information by undoing the root access the malware obtained by exploiting vulnerabilities,” writes Gregg Keizer for Computerworld.

While the search engine giant has its cutomers’ best interests at heart, it does beg some skepticism and worry as to how much power they actually have over our personal phones.

(Via Engadget and Computerworld) / (Image by Miki Toshihito, licensed under Creative Commons)

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Criminals are always on the lookout for how they can use modern technology to make crime easier and more efficient. Their latest tool is one that we all know and use on a daily basis: the Google search engine. But instead of looking up random facts and links to websites, the criminals use the search engine to research potential kidnapping victims, and if valuable enough, hold them as hostages until a ransom is paid.

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