blu-dot-chairBlu Dot, a Minneapolis based design firm will carry out a new and never before tried way of marketing. The design firm that specializes in high end chairs, will be placing their chairs throughout Manhattan, one by one, with no promotional or sales material attached with them. The firm expects that people will take these chairs and adopt them into their homes or lack thereof.  What these people don’t know is that they’re being watched.

The chairs will be equipped with GPS tracking devices that will update their location in real-time on the company’s website, and may also be projected on the wall of the Soho Store (whose one year anniversary inspired this event). And if this wasn’t enough, each chair will have it’s own Twitter feed and report the new location every time it is moved.

“Where does great design end up in New York? What sort of a person invites these chairs into their homes?… It’s all an experiment, but in our experience consumers appreciate brands that come up with new ways of interacting.” says Michael Hart, co-founder of Mono, a Minneapolis advertising firm that developed the project with Blu Dot.

A few months from now, the video crew will use the GPS tracking devices in the chairs to track them down, in hopes to get an interview with the people who took them, no matter who it is: homeowners or the homeless. They will ask why they took them and how they are using them and hopefully learn some ways to make them better.

(Via FastCompany)

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