giraffe-gps-collar-001We’ve written about GPS tracking wildlife before ranging from bears, deer, wolves, and marine life. Now we can add giraffes to the list. Just like tracking other species, the British Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) hopes to better the lives of both giraffes and humans by implementing GPS tracking. The West African giraffe species is endangered and experiencing threats to their survival

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frontbikerack6Do you ever try to estimate where your bus is and how long it will take to arrive to your location? You are not alone in your frustration. Thankfully, modern technology has a realistic solution for the traveling woes of commuters like you. GPS Tracking devices may soon help you better plan your trip to school or work when relying on public transportation. Brett McCall of Asheville, North Carolina, will propose a plan this Wednesday to the Transit Commission that calls for a relatively inexpensive GPS system to give commuters the real time location of city buses. McCall’s main point is that the cost of Glympse, the GPS program anticipated for the plan, is notably less expensive when juxtaposed to comparable tracking services and he believes that these systems can resolve the unpredictability of the bus system in a cost-effective manner.

The primary test cost of the project on Route 9 is $1,000 for one month. But don’t expect the town to pitch in, at least not yet. Support from both individual citizens and local businesses is vital to the success of this program, since the Transit Commission has not yet authorized it.

“We are hoping to be able to fund all or most of this test phase with private funds, demonstrating to the Transit Commission that there is public support for such a plan,” says Stephen Eggett, one of the project’s volunteers. “Since Route 9 has a direct impact on West Asheville and its businesses, we hope we can count on the West Asheville Business Association for support. In exchange for this support, we propose to advertise, on the buses, the businesses and associations that made this test possible,” he explains.

As for the icing on the cake, the GPS tracking program and intended road improvements, as dictated in the Asheville Master Downtown plan, will cohesively work together to allure new commuters. If the reliability of the bus system improves, more people will be attracted to the concept of commuting and many positive consequences can result, including less traffic and therefore less pollution in addition to more revenue for the transportation system.

Although a very inventive idea and greatly necessary for commuters, this is not the first time it has been brought to the drawing board. According to the Tufts Daily, this past spring Boston College implemented a GPS tracking program on their campus shuttle buses. This plan was based on designs from other colleges including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Harvard University, and Tufts University.

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car-stolen It was 7 in the morning, and Danny Broihier was getting ready to go to work. He left his car running as he ran inside his house for a minute to grab something. But when he came out, his Ford Explorer was gone. Taking into consideration that he was inside for only a minute, and that the car thief couldn’t have got too far away, Danny hopped in his wife’s car and went looking for his stolen car.

Amazingly enough, Danny did find his car just a few minutes later, parked in front of an apartment building, with the car-jacker still behind the wheel. As he saw Danny pull up, the thief left the car and ran into the building.

“I pulled up like a bat out of hell,” Broihier said. “The guy got out and ran inside.”

Thinking he got the thief surrounded and would soon have him behind bars, Danny Broihier called the police. But what happened next he never would have expected…
“They… proceeded to make jokes about the fact that I left my car running,” he said of the Kansas City police in an e-mail. “I mean laughing out loud to each other while I stood there feeling very violated and humiliated.”
When he told the police to go looking for the thief in the apartments, they refused and told him that the people living there were uncooperative in the past and wouldn’t help out this time neither. Thankfully for Danny, he got his car back within minutes of it being stolen, but the worst part of this was seeing how unhelpful the police were, and that they were actually making fun of him for this.
In a situation like this one, both the Car Camera Voyager and a GPS Tracking system would have been invaluable. The Car Camera Voyager could have provided video evidence of the thieves’ identities, and maybe even of how the cops reacted to his story, while a GPS Tracking system could also had helped him to locate the whereabouts of his car immediately.

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football-gpaWith the Super Bowl coming up soon, GPS tracking is becoming extremely useful and in high demand in order to keep everything running smoothly. And it’s not only for the police and investigations now, GPS Trackers are being used for anything that is considered important – they are being  placed in equipment bags, team buses, limousines, as well as on elected officials and personnel.

“At the Super Bowl, you’ve got a couple million dollars worth of athletes on buses, you want to know where those buses are at all times… The safety and security of athletes and personnel are our highest priority” said Jerry Hunter, founder and CEO of Oklahoma-based U.S. Fleet Tracking.

The GPS tracking systems being used at the Super Bowl prove that the people running these sporting events are not leaving anything to chance, they want everything to run as smoothly as possible and are not afraid to invest some extra money to make sure that it does.

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At Bryan Highschool in Texas, truancy has become such an epidemic that a Judge has decided to forced 22 Truants to wear GPS devices. His decision supports the AIM (Attendance Improvement Management) initiative which is also launching a similar program in Port Aurther, Texas.

Aside from requiring students to to wear the GPS devices which can be monitored online, the program also provides coaching, where several times a week students have phone conversations with counselors about school and setting positive goals. So far AIM has proven very successful with a 97% attendance rate for students who participated in Spring of 2009.

“It provides sustainable results,” says Judge Gillam. “It empowers them to stay in school.

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