The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has come up with an incredible new technology that lets  cameras identify and track gunshots. The way the gunshot digital imaging system works is that it picks up the unique sound of a gunshot, and immediately aims all the cameras in the area at the spot of the incident, and at strategic locations such as intersections, local hangout spots. The sound activated camera systems also takes pictures of all the people in the surrounding areas to help looks for suspects, witnesses, and getaway cars. The system will then alert the police and forward them the photos.

This technology will surpass the limits of video surveillance by automatically moving to the spot of the incident and recording the moments before and after a violent act.  The system can also seek out explosions and detonations and help the police find the perpetrators much more efficiently and in an automated way.

“This is a great example of a technology that can be added to a law enforcer’s toolbox to deter crime and protect valuable assets,” says Teresa Colella, technology manager in the APL Office of Technology Transfer. “This agreement ensures that communities will benefit from this technology.”

(Via John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory)

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