6337970517002271471129923_30_HudsonWise_060309_131.JPGThe recently fired Publicity Director for Dolce & Gabbana, Ali Wise, has been charged with using an illegal software called Spoofcard to hack into her rivals cell phones and listen to their messages. Not once, not twice, but over 700 times, prosecutors say. She would use the Spoofcard to hack into the voicemails of her rivals and promptly delete any that she did not like. Her target? Primarily the new girlfriends of her exes including interior designer Nina Freudenberger, the new girlfriend of Wise’s ex, Josh Deutsch, the CEO and founder of Downtown Records.

“I used the SpoofCard to get into her voice mails,” Wise confessed when cops asked about the alleged hacking onslaught, according to the criminal complaint against her.

Wise, a fixture on the Manhattan social scene is rumored to be buddies with the likes of Kate Hudson and other big time Hollywood and NYC players. Left high and dry by her celebrity entourage, Wise was taken into custody at the Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday where she faces four counts each of computer trespass, eavesdropping, computer tampering, aggravated harassment, and one count of stalking.

(Via NY Post)

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spoofcard-logoThis morning the New York Post published a quick run through on how to use a Spoofcard. A Spoofcard is an inexpensive way to call someone else while having your caller ID number disguised as any number you want. It even lets you disguise your voice. But the most dubious way the service can be used is to hack in to people’s voicemail by dialing in to a number’s voicemail system with the caller ID set as the same number, effectively bypassing the need to put in a security pin first. Despite the fact that this story has been live for a mere couple of hours, the Post is already getting lots of flack for advising people how to use what some consider to be a questionably legal service.

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