There are countless ways that someone can unobtrusively pull off a heist; but sneaking cash out through an in-flight bathroom is not something that usually springs to mind. We’re not sure how the man came up with his master plan, but he effectively stole about $238,000 from a Brink’s security employee in the period of 40 minutes without ever leaving the restroom. Or so it appeared at first…

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braisdenTom Basiden, 28, TV chef featured on world renowned Jamie Oliver’s show Fifteen, was recently charged with stealing millions of British pounds worth of Cartiery jewelry. Baisden was the “inside man” in a staged warehouse robbery in Southend, Essex, England in May 2001.

Fifteen is an apprentice program where young disadvantaged chefs aged 18 to 24 are given the opportunity to work in high end kitchens under the likes of celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver. All of the chefs come from difficult backgrounds and this “second chance” or sorts turns many lives around.

Baisden story starts at age 16, when he began working for the freight-handling firm called Serco at the Southend airport in 1998. Realizing how poor the airport security was, Baisden called the police warning them of the possible security threat. When police did nothing, Baisden decided to try his hand at robbing the warehouse, organizing an elaborate hoax to make the robbery look real on his watch. Accomplices gagged and bound Baisden and stole £3 million worth of jewelry. Baisden himself was rewarded £100,000 for his part in the raid.

After graduating from Oliver’s Fifteen experiment, and reassessing his life’s path, Braisden called the police and described the crime he committed. Described by police as “an extraordinary act of frankness and candor,” Baisden is awaiting sentencing for the charge of theft and conspiracy to steal.

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robbersIn a scene straight out of an action movie, a helicopter filled with thieves touched down on top of a building for a robbery while cops were left helpless.

Landing on top of a warehouse that stored cash awaiting distribution to ATMs across Sweden, thieves lowered down on ropes onto the roof of the building. Using explosives, they blasted their way into the building where they grabbed the cash. Police, waiting for the SWAT team to arrive, stood helplessly at the lower level of the building. As the thieves were packing up their loot, police discovered a package labeled “bomb” lying next to the helicopter. Deciding that the risk was too great, police stood by while the robbers retreated to the sky.

The helicopter was later found with no sign of the robbers or the cash. The Swedish police are offering seven million Kronor – about 1 million dollars for information regarding these airborn crooks.

(Via CBS News)

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grandpa_tacklesIn Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a bank robber was put in his place after getting tackled by a 54-year-old man. The robber was pacing back and forth between to clerks and did not notice Matt Knetzger slowly coming up behind him before he pounced on the crook from behind.

The bank robber was revealed to be Senister Smith a frequent customer of the bank who reportedly robbed the bank because he had fallen on hard times. He walked into the bank covered in all black clothing and a ski mask. He then handed two notes to the tellers commanding them to put the money in the bag. Knetzger, a 54 year old grandfather, was in the back of the room eating a snack while the robbery was taking place. After finishing his snack Knetzger decided to do something about it and tackled the man.

When asked why he was so quick to make a move, Knetzger said he was simply worried for his wife’s safety. After tackling the young robber he also held him to the ground until police arrived. The best part is that it was all caught on the banks security cameras, effectively ensuring that they would always remember the hero of the day.

(Via The Post Chronicle)

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6a00d8341cd7ed53ef0112796af2a928a4-800wiAfter countless FBI searches, deals with the mob, and 19 years, $300 million dollars worth of art have still not been recovered.

In 1990 the largest art heist in history was performed resulting in 13 masterpieces of art, from painters like Rembrandt and Manet, missing from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston. Running in circles like chickens without heads, officials were plagued by false leads, empty promises, chases across the globe from China to antique shops in Boston, and failing spirits. 19 years later they have made no arrests and are no closer to retrieving the stolen pieces.

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