everydayheroesMike Spinney (Twitter @spinzo) from SixWeight.com sent us in a fantastic story about how he once helped catch a criminal accused of arson. Do you have stories where you played the hero and helped catch a crook? We’d love to hear them and publish them on the BrickHouse Security blog, so send them in!

Years ago I used to work for a security company in Portland, Maine (third shift mostly in the central station).  Our location included a back parking lot monitored by a beam-type motion detector and two cameras, including one with a remote tilt/pan control.  Working the third shift we’d see all kinds of shenanigans, mostly harmless, owing to the hidden nature of our lot.

One night the motion detector went off and we panned over to see a pedestrian.  Not unusual, and given that it was a quiet night, we panned along with him to see make sure he had no intention of making mischief.  He wandered into the next lot and stopped to pick something up, then seemed to loiter near a car.  Before long we could see something bright in the car and we could tell it was on fire.

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